No sandwiches here, sorry! But we DO have some seriously cool groups
by muhhhshell
Which clubs should you join if you are interested in volunteering? :)
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by Antoinette Hui
EV has numerous community service centred clubs on campus. You can join clubs like Red Cross, NHS, Interact, etc. Additionally, animal shelters are always looking for volunteers and it's a great experience but you need a legal adult to accompany you. I personally really like Yu Ai Kai centre in Japantown as it's a very welcoming environment and every single employee and volunteer is filled with love and support and genuine drive to be the go-to place for elderly residents and anyone who might need a hot plate of food on some days.
by jocy.booo
NHS is a really good club for volunteering because you get the opportunity to volunteer with other club members and people you know which is always cool, and you can learn about consistent volunteering opportunities that can last up to an entire school year so you aren't always struggling to find a new volunteer gig.
by jackiepham2000
muhhhshell wrote:
Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:27 pm
Which clubs should you join if you are interested in volunteering? :)
If you are seeking for a large community full of potential leaders and service events, Key Club is for you! From personal experience, volunteering has bettered my life and is one of my main interests in my high school career and my college pathway. Key Club has provided many quality and fulfilling opportunities to grow as a person and as a leader, such as becoming a club officer or running for division positions. You'll be able to expand your connections by meeting others from different school and regions/states. Consider the type of people you would like to surround yourself with for the next 4 years (if you are a freshmen), your interests/ personality type and what works for you. * Take my advice with a grain of salt since I've gone through the learning curves just as you are right now. :D
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by Alex0110
I need club hours but I never actually see any events posted.

Are there any clubs that just do a lot of volunteering for hours and their events fairly often? Most of the time I join Facebook groups and the only thing ever posted is merchandise and advertisements for rallies.
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