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by Deven Navani
Hello EV students!

Welcome to Cougle! Cougle is a community-driven question and answer forum that serves as a readily available information source for all EV students. Image We understand many of you have questions about high school/college that are difficult to find answers to. Here are some from our preliminary survey:

  • Which APs are worth taking? Which APs are the hardest?
  • What colleges are best for me?
  • Where do I find scholarships?
  • How do I skip Math Analysis over the summer?

Unfortunately, the few teachers and counselors at EVHS can't possibly answer all the questions of 3000 students! Data from our survey show that 50% of students who have visited the counselor's office couldn't get their questions answered because no one was there, or the line was too long. Only 15% of survey takers were comfortable with asking adults at EV for help, while 60% of survey takers were comfortable asking their peers for help.

Clearly, EV students are more comfortable receiving assistance from their fellow peers than from adults. And there's nothing wrong with that! As seniors, we know it's quick and easy to ask our friends about classes or teachers or anything college-related. The reason we're such a powerful community is because we guide each other using our individual experiences. If you're wondering how to skip Math Analysis over the summer, chances are there's another EV student who has done so and can provide an answer.

And that's why we've created Cougle, a medium to expedite this exchange of information between EV students.

We encourage you to stick around, create an account, and start asking/answering questions! And please contact us if you have any questions. :D


Deven Navani '18
Richard Huang '18
Karina Tran '18
Nitya Ravi '18
Arianna Le '18
Antoinette Hui '18

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